How to Organize your Creative energy

I used to think I wasn't creative. I thought that creativity only existed in the form of artwork, like paintings and sculptures, or crafty things you find on Pinterest.  It took me a long time to realize that creativity can live in different places for different people.  

Eventually I realized that my particular brand of creativity comes in the form of event creation, specifically yoga events.  With this one realization my creative energy was activated and I finally got the momentum going in my business!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Once I gave myself permission to be creative with my business, I started to have a million ideas.  It was overwhelming.  Every morning I would plop down at my laptop and start "working."  Sometimes I was productive, but other times I'd finish the day with nothing to really show for it.

The whole game changed when my friend turned me on to the concept of "Bullet Journaling."  In a nutshell, bullet journaling is a place to keep record of your past, and plan for your future in all aspects of your life.  It's something you can design yourself, and it allows you to organize your entire life.  You can track and log health metrics, habits, social events, workouts, food logs, shopping lists, ideas, goals, running to do lists, etc.  It was especially helpful for me because I had various journals and scraps of paper going simultaneously, and this helped me organize it all into one place.  It helps to have structure for all the thoughts and ideas that pop up.  You can search Pinterest for more bullet journal ideas if you want to learn more, it's quite addicting!

I picked up a cute new notebook and began my bullet journal.  The most helpful pages for my business are:

  • monthly tasks- a running to do list
  • 2017 Big Picture Financial goals
  • a 2017 Money map- projected earnings
  • Business Ideas TBD
  • Blank White Space- a space for all random thoughts, SUPER HELPFUL for those times when you have a random idea and you don't want to lose it

I also have some personal pages that help me to stay focused on the things that are important to me:

  • Summer goals
  • A Monthly habit tracker:
    • drinking 64 oz water daily
    • making the bed
    • Washing my face before bed (I used to be so bad at this!)
    • meditating for at least 5 min a day
    • sleep tracker
    • etc

I'm currently on my 10th consecutive day of meditation, which is HUGE for me.  I've attempted many times to have a daily meditation habit, but this is the first time that I've been able to have a 10 day streak.  It's surprising how motivating it is to be able to check off a box when I complete my daily goal of meditation, plus the added benefits of meditation have really helped me gain clarity and focus for my day ahead.

Bullet Journaling may not be for everyone, but for this type A lady, it really fits the bill. It's amazing what some structure can do for you.  Of course it's not the only tool I use to stay motivated and on plan, but it's been an absolute game changer!

Let me know if you give it a try!


Amy sinclair