How a Yoga Class can Change the World

Backdated to Jan 22, 2017

Today something awesome happened while I was teaching my core vinyasa class at Barre & Soul Melrose. This month we are working on chinstand, which is a semi-crazy/advanced inversion. While demoing the pose, I asked my student Brian Larson to spot me by holding my ankle because I can't always hold the pose on my own, and I wanted the class to see what it looked like.

After demoing, I encouraged the class to try it, and said that I would be coming around to spot them if needed. Then I suggested that maybe they could spot each other if I couldn't get to them, and THEN I was so happy to see students taking me up on that suggestion! It really made my heart jump for joy to see students who didn't really know each other offering to help out with a spot.

I keep thinking about it and smiling. It blew me away. It made me feel so lucky and honored to teach.

The collective consciousness in the room was so positive, collaborative, and open minded, It made me realize maybe we can change the world a little bit with something as simple as a yoga class. Let's keep raising the collective consciousness!

Amy sinclair