Yoga for Mermaids


Hi everyone!  I’m so happy that you are here... It’s very clear that you mermaid for this.

Yoga for mermaids may seem like a silly concept, but it is very deep and meaningful.  My goal is to give you the tools you need to connect to your inner mermaid, and bring her “up for air” so to speak.  

Ok, so let’s talk mermaids.  You may be wondering what exactly is your inner mermaid and how do you know if I have one?  Good news is that you do have an inner mermaid, but she may be a little "dried up" at the moment.  We're here to fix that!

First I want to talk about what mermaids represent.  For me mermaids represent a lot of things.  One being spirituality, which is a connection to your truest self, they represent freedom, specifically for me, they represent body freedom, which boils down to the essence of self-love.

The Mermaid also represents love, beauty, divine femininity, independence, and positivity.  The mermaid signifies freedom from cares and woes.  She swims fearlessly and takes on all the obstacles the unpredictable sea challenges her with.

Mythology says mermaids are descendants of Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love and beauty.  The mermaid is known as the goddess of the sea, or the Aphrodite of the ocean.  Mythology also talks about the darker side of mermaids, the Sirens that have been known to lure men to their deaths using their beauty and song, and since I’m a super positive person, we won’t be exploring that in Yoga for Mermaids, but I encourage you to research that on your own if it speaks to you, as we all have a siren side to our soul.

There’s currently a huge obsession with mermaid stuff.  A couple things I personally own are: a mermaid blanket, mermaid tails, mermaid candle, shell phone case, clothing, leggings, tanks, sweatshirts.  I have made DIY mermaid crowns and shell tops with the help of Pinterest.  There are makeup brushes, online memes, etc.  There are professional mermaids, who are essentially models that wear silicone dragon skin mermaid tails that cost up to $2000 and do photoshoots on the beach, or go to events and swim around in tanks, as entertainment.  To be honest I did consider that as a career choice for a hot second, but I’m not a great swimmer and I can’t hold my breath for very long so it wasn’t for me. 

There are books, such as a Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids, written by an artist from Martha’s Vineyard, Margot Datz who I spoke to on the phone while researching and creating yoga for mermaids, and she gave me lots of insight into what mermaids represent to her.  She’s an amazing woman who created mermaid paintings to heal from her divorce, and wrote this beautiful book of her artwork and mermaid teachings, which she referred to as “bubble bath wisdom”.  She believes that we are all Landlocked mermaids who have dried up a little bit because we have gotten disconnected from the thing that wets our soul, I’m going to talk about that later.  She is now my official mermaid mentor.   

It became very clear to me that the mermaid resonates with so many women, and it goes deeper than the imagery, and I wanted to create something that helped women experience a connection to their inner mermaid.  That's how I created the Mermaid Manifesto. 

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